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ATT Phishing scam

I received a call from a client this morning about an email from ATT that he was worried about. I asked him to forward the email to me so I could take a look at it.

This looks really good, but something doesn’t smell right. Check out that return address- that doesn’t have anything to do with ATT…and if you hover your mouse over the link itself, you can see it sends you to a site I don’t recognize AT ALL.

This email  is absolutely 100% a scam. It’s based on an actual notification ATT sent out in January – they copied and pasted some of the text  to make it look legit, and then changed dates (the actual email this is based on went out in January and referenced Jan 30th, not May 11th) and links and stuff to redirect you to a phishing site. Be on the lookout for these. Once the scammers find a new formula, they like to push it hard for a few months. If you see an email like this from “att“, Just delete, or call me (440-777-7881) if you have a question!

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New email scam…and it’s a tricky one!

So here’s one that almost got by us. It’s a new take on the old “you have an invoice, package, parking ticket” scam where a virus loaded doc is attached to an email. The twist is, this one immediately puts you on the defensive by accusing YOU of being the scammer. Take a look.


You know what? That’s some scary stuff! And of course, my first instinct is to defend the company and look at that doc. But then I looked a little closer.



Neither I nor Mike have ever had that conversation on the phone. I also can’t help but notice a gap in the “WWW” on that link. Finally, if I hover over that doc link, it takes me to a VERY diffrent link than what is displayed.

End of the day, it’s just another email scam. A little more inventive than most, but a scam nonetheles. Keep your eyes open!