Month: November 2017

by Matthew Skelly Matthew Skelly No Comments

New Firefox!


As an IT professional, I’ve been recommending Firefox for over a decade. It’s generally been more secure than Internet Explorer and usually functions better. It’s more easily customizable than Google Chrome and has been my personal browser of choice since the demise of Netscape navigator.

Truth is, I though I was watching that whole¬†death of netscape replay out here with Firefox – one or two bad releases of a once proud browser that sink the whole ship. The last few releases have been practically unusable and I’ve been running Chrome instead for the last six months or so. It’s been a bummer, and I’ve constantly kept hope alive that Firefox may somehow course correct and come back better than ever.

Today’s announcement seems to indicate that they are giving it a try though it’s too early to know if this is really the rebirth of the Firefox browser that I’ve been waiting for. Early reports are suggesting they’ve fixed the memory hog problem and made it even faster than Chrome (that’s no great feat considering how many processes Chrome runs – even AFTER you’ve shut it down) though I’m not digging the more “minimalist interface” they’re announcing. Hopefully I’ll still have options to restore menu bars and such.

I’m downloading this sucker tomorrow morning, first thing when I get into the office. I’ll post my thoughts on it soon.

Stay Tuned.