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Cannot read from the source file or disk – undeletable


File shows up in a folder, but any attempt to delete, rename or move it results in : “Error Deleting File or Folder – Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk“.

If it’s a folder, no hidden files are inside it. You can read and write to it. No permissions error, and the file/folder is not set as hidden or read only in properties.

Dropping down to a DOS prompt and trying a DEL, DELTREE, or RN return the same error.


This is caused by an invalid character in the file name. Possibly a dot or a space (Spaces are really hard to spot – they’re invisible. But try a rename and just use the arrow keys in the rename box. If there’s a space at the end, the arrow key will find it and move one character past the last letter). Normally Windows will not let you create something with an invalid character in the name, but it can happen if you’re in a system remotely and the connection gets cut off, or if there’s corruption on the Hard disk, or if the file was created by a Mac and then some how transferred over to the system.

I ran across a couple of possible solutions from the command prompt, but if your file has a space in the name, especially in the middle of the name, you won’t be able to run them.  Tried a couple of tools, “Killbox” returned a similar error – that the file dosen’t appear to exist. Finally came across “Unlocker”. This app will force a delete of the file. Start up the program and use it’s interface to browse to the file / folder in question (local or network drive, it doesn’t matter. as long as you can browse to it, the application can work with it), and from the actions list select “Delete”. File is immediately deleted. There’s also a “Rename” and a “Move” option. if your trying to preserve the file.

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New email scam…and it’s a tricky one!

So here’s one that almost got by us. It’s a new take on the old “you have an invoice, package, parking ticket” scam where a virus loaded doc is attached to an email. The twist is, this one immediately puts you on the defensive by accusing YOU of being the scammer. Take a look.


You know what? That’s some scary stuff! And of course, my first instinct is to defend the company and look at that doc. But then I looked a little closer.



Neither I nor Mike have ever had that conversation on the phone. I also can’t help but notice a gap in the “WWW” on that link. Finally, if I hover over that doc link, it takes me to a VERY diffrent link than what is displayed.

End of the day, it’s just another email scam. A little more inventive than most, but a scam nonetheles. Keep your eyes open!